What does "diabetes mellitus" mean?

Diabetes mellitus — a clinical syndrome of chronic hyperglycemia and glucozuria due to absolute or relative insulin deficiency leading to metabolic disorders, vascular failure (various angiopathy), neuropathies and pathological changes in various organs and tissues.

What is vanadium?

Vanadium (Lat. Vanadium) — is the chemical element of Group V elements of the Mendeleyev periodic system. It has atomic number 23, atomic mass 50.9415. Pure vanadium is malleable solid metal silver-gray color. Density is 6.11 g/cm3, which allows it to be included in heavy metals. Melting Point is 1920°C. Vanadium is named in the honor of the goddess of beauty of the ancient Scandinavians — the legendary Freya Vanadis. Vanadium enters into trace elements (TE) group of chemical elements that are contained in the tissues of the body in very small concentrations, ranging from 0.00001% to 0.01%.

What is the difference between taking vanadium and insulin?

Insulin, in norm, by means of hormones, can inhibit process lipolysis, but cannot constrain "the natural" disintegration of fats arising at DM of Type 2. Vanadium makes active and optimizes Na+/H+ channel, improving glucose work in cages, and it does not simply lowers glucose level in blood, but simultaneously interferes with the formation of free fat acids.

What is "Vanadis"?

"Vanadis" — soft drink enriched with vanadium, is a product of "Kantou Shokuken Co., Ltd" (Japan). The base of drink is high concentrated vanadium water taken from basalt ore of a basalt layer of Mount Fuji. "Vanadis" is a clear yellow color liquid, with a sweet orange taste. The drink contains components which are allowed for diabetics usage. Product is sugar free and low in calories (3 kcal).

For which type of diabetes "Vanadis" is recommended?

"Vanadis" is recommended for Type 2 diabetes and people with obesity.

What is effective way of "Vanadis" drinking?

It is recommended to drink "Vanadis" 30 minutes before meals, 3 times a day (daily norm of drinking is 1 bottle, 190 ml).

Is there contra-indication of "Vanadis" usage?

There are no any contra-indication and undesirable effects during usage of one bottle of "Vanadis" a day with medical drugs.

Is there any analogue of "Vanadis"?

Today, there is no analogue of "Vanadis" in Japan and in any other countries.

Where can "Vanadis" be purchased?

Contact "MOST GROUP" to get information about "Vanadis" in your country.