"Vanadis" — Vanadium fortified soft drink

In the last decade, vanadium and its biological effects have been studied very seriously, and its insulin effect has achieved positive recognition around the world. To date, numerous studies on vanadium have been conducted in many countries, which have proved not only the insulin effect contained in vanadium, but also the multifaceted positive impact on major exchanges. In particular, Japanese scientists have extracted vanadium water from the underground waters of Mount Fuji and used the water in complex treatments of diabetes mellitus (DM), and the water brought the greatest positive impact.


However, depending on the extraction location from Mount Fuji, the concentration of vanadium in groundwater differs, thus the concentration of vanadium in the other beverages which are sold in Japan may not have the sufficient effect. Today, the highest concentration of vanadium in drinks sold in Japan is only 133 micrograms per liter. Diabetics may rely on the natural insulin effects of vanadium, but because of the low concentration of vanadium in the water, this effect appears small. (With the above concentration of vanadium, it is necessary to consume up to ten liters of water per day to get the sufficient amount of insulin effect.)


To find a source of groundwater at Mount Fuji with the concentration of vanadium of more than 200 mg/L is very difficult. Also, early studies indicated that it is impossible to establish the necessary concentration in such a small volume of water.


To tackle the above difficulty, Kanto Shokuken tried to develop a technology for the production of highly concentrated vanadium water. The main objective is to allow the consumption of vanadium by diabetics without any particular burden to the body.


This product is named "Vanadis" in honor of the goddess Vanadis of Scandinavian mythology, It is a non-alcoholic drink, enriched with Group B vitamins and vanadium. "Vanadis" is sold in 190 ml bottle, and contains 500 micrograms of vanadium. The product is sugar-free and has only 3 kcal.


Composition of "VANADIS" soft drink enriched with vanadium and vitamins of group B

Composition of "Vanadis" soft drink Quantity
1 Vanadium 5.1576 g (500 mcg)
2 Erythritols 6.467 g
3 Maltitol 3.7984 g
4 Acidifiers (Malic Acid and Citric Acid) 0.5313 g
5 Aromatizers 0.2288 g
6 Sodium Benzoate 0.0853 g
7 Taurine 0.0659 g
8 Sweeteners (Acesulfame, Sucralose) 0.0659 g
9 Nicotinic Acid 0.0291 g
10 Inozitol 0.0194 g
11 Vitamin B2 0.0097 g
12 Vitamin B1 0.0078 g
13 Vitamin B6 0.0078 g
14 Water 177.2413 g
  Total 190 ml (193.895 g)


Bx 5.23
pH 2.85
Acidity 0.295
Kcal 3


Drinking rules: Recommended to drink 1 bottle (190 ml) of "Vanadis" soft drink per day, preferably before meals. For diabetics, it is recommended to drink 1–2 bottles (190–380 ml) of "Vanadis" soft drink per–day.

Not recommended for persons with high sensitivity (allergies?) to any components of "Vanadis".


Possible side effects: Diarrhea. Not recommended to drink "Vanadis" soft drink for persons with high individual sensitivity to any of components of "Vanadis".


Vanadium Over Dose: OD comes with drinking of 366 bottles per day of "Vanadis" soft drink.


Production form: 190 ml aluminum bottle with 500 mcg of vanadium.


Package: Products pack into carton boxes — 30 bottles per box


Storage: Store in cool, dark place. Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep in childproof place. Do not use overdue product.


Use by-date: 18 months (see on the top of the bottle).


Special notes for diabetics:

Diabetics should consume the amount as instructed by doctors. Drinking of "Vanadis" does not exclude insulin and sugar flats therapy assigned by doctor




Address: 23-4, Midori 4, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0021, Japan



Vitamin B1 — Promotes absorption of carbohydrates, increases muscle mass and maintains muscle tone, necessary for normal functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, stabilizes the appetite.


Vitamin B2 — Promotes the assimilation of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Promotes formation of antibodies and red blood cells, necessary for the preservation of good vision, healthy skin, hair, nails, responsible for the process of cell respiration.


Vitamin B6 — is needed for the synthesis and decay of amino acids, for constructing protein chains, contributes to the assimilation of fats and carbohydrates, the formation of antibodies, supports the nervous system and healthy skin, reduces muscle spasms, stupor extremities, nausea, normalizes the balance of  phosphorus and sodium in the body.


Inositol (vitamin B8) — supports healthy vascular system, lowering blood cholesterol and preventing fragility walls of blood vessels, essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system, improves brain, warns visual impairment.


Nicotinic acid — is a component of B-complex, which is crucial for energy production and maintenance of well-being on many levels, especially for heart health and optimal blood circulation. It participates in more than half the reactions in which sugar and fat change into energy. It is also necessary for the amino acids metabolism and is involved in turning fat into substance.


Taurine — helps to reduce sugar content in human blood, and is used to treat diabetes. It improves and restores the working muscles, nervous system, lowers blood cholesterol. It is important for growth, helps to remove stress. Taurine provides antioxidant protection for the heart, bronchi, and eye, and prevents damage of muscle cells after intense physical exercise (training) by free radicals, improves their nutrition. Taurine is a major component of bile, which is necessary for digesting fats, absorption of liposoluble vitamins and to maintain normal levels of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, taurine is useful in atherosclerosis, edema, heart disease, arterial hypertension and obesity. Improving the removal of liquids and stabilize the nervous system allows the control of blood pressure.