Our company was established in 1998. Thereafter we have made a point of both "new technical development" about food processing and "planning & development" toward a market as two wheels of our management. Keeping our position in a "neutral stance", we have responded sincerely to the various needs of market and also of our customers which are changeable day by day.

Therefore, thanks to hearty evaluation and strong support from our customers, so far, we could grow up smoothly and steadily until today. At present we pour our energy in development of technology, specialization of staffs and enrichment of equipments/facilities.


We all would like to declare that we do our best to respond to expectation from market and customers at present and also in the future. Additionally, keeping in mind "The customer is always right" which has been fulfilled as our company policy since establishment of our company, we aim to develop and deepen reliable relationship with many customers and other companies in order to be "mutual prosperity in coexistence".


We can recognize continuous progress in "Diversification of appetite/food" and "Globalization of food" in these days.


In such a situation we hope that we will be able to give impression and happiness to the people not only in Japan but also in the world through development of our new food culture and proposal of it, and contribute to the promotion of interchange for the culture and heart.


We would like to make an effort to realize our policy and mission, listening to the suggestion from all customers at first.


President Kazuo Sagiya



The trade name: Kantou Shokuken Co., LTD


Establishment: May 15, 1998


Capital: 70 million yen


Engagement number: 35 people


Business content:

  1. Research and development of foodstuff
  2. Sale of foodstuff, materials, additives and flavors of foods/processed food and drink
  3. Information service business in foods



  • 2006 year — 4 billion yen
  • 2007 year — 5 billion yen


Kantou Shokuken — is a company specialized in manufacturing foodstuff. We may offer you ready-made foods, recipes and materials for these products.


All you need to do is to contact our representative company "MOST GROUP Co., LTD" and we together in short time will find the best solution for your inquiry.