"MOST GROUP Co., LTD" is a company created by a group of young men from the Republic of Uzbekistan. Excellent education of company executives both in Uzbekistan and abroad, plus operational experience in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates and Japan, gives to young team huge chances of success not only in Uzbekistan, but also in foreign countries.


"MOST GROUP Co., LTD" has received the general distribution rights from "Kantou Shokuken Co., LTD", a widely-known company specializing in the manufacturing and development of food production and technology, and works closely with beverage and retail giants such as Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, DyDo, Family Mart and others in Japan. The overall objective of the team consists in granting of qualitative production, qualitative technology, and the qualitative decision of any problem. Considering that the basic partners of "MOST GROUP Co., LTD" generally the Japanese companies with good reputation, "quality" granting remains out of any suspicions. Quality "Made in Japan" has excellent reputation in the world and we are very glad that we have possibility to give all innovations of Japan on the market of Uzbekistan and other countries. "MOST GROUP Co., LTD" has three advisers from Japan which will advise not only our team, but also our clients.


We named our firm "MOST GROUP Co., LTD", and we hope to become the "bridge" between Japan, Uzbekistan and other countries. We hope for fruitful and mutually advantageous cooperation with you.





The trade name: "MOST GROUP Co., LTD"


Establishment: January 31, 2008


Business content:

  1. Sale of food products, additives and other
  2. Consulting in research and development of food products
  3. Consulting for launching of food production factories


Directors and advisors:


Denis Kim General director
Islam Gapurov Business development director
Jurat Mukhamedhodjayev Marketing director
Feruza Djanhudjaeva Chief accountant
Kazuo Sagiya Chief consultant, president of "Kantou Shokuken Co., LTD"
Kihachiro Takahara Consultant on "Vanadis" soft drink,
head doctor of "EBISU KOGEN CLINIC"
Mayumi Kishi Business strategy consultant,
president of "Shizu Corporation"


"MOST GROUP Co., LTD" is the official general distributor of Japanese company "Kantou Shokuken Co., LTD" for sale of all products, including "Vanadis" soft drink containing vanadium for all countries.


Our partners in Japan

Kantou Shokuken Co., LTD

JA Foods Oita

Ebisu Kogen Clinic

Shizu Corporation

MS Corporation

Sanyo Maritime Corporation



82a/12 Gospitalnaya street 100015

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Tel: +998(71) 252-65-05, 252-64-18

Fax: +998(71) 254-45-74



Contacts in Japan

5603, 6-6-2, Nogata, Nakano

Tokyo 165-0027, Japan

Tel/Fax: +81 3-3223-4535

Mobile: +81 90-4420-8756



Representative in USA