It is well-known that the nutrition of modern people is far from harmony with nature and the needs of the human body. Unhealthy lifestyle and diet has led many people to face with serious illnesses. It is not coincident that the number of diabetics is constantly increasing worldwide. Many scientists around the world are developing food products that would allow people with diabetes to enjoy a better life.


Kantou Shokuken Co., Ltd. (Japan) and Ebisu Kogen Medical Clinic (Japan) have been studying the problem of diabetes for many years and have been successful, using the latest technology, in developing a product that can reduce the risk of diabetes both in healthy people and in patients. This unique product is called Vanadis.


Vanadis is a soft drink which contains 500 micrograms of vanadium (an essential microelement used in the metabolism processes) in a bottle (190 ml), developed and manufactured in Japan. There is no analogue to this product in the world!